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Our Shopify App Development Services

At GALTech Technologies, we offer various types of Shopify app development services according to the client's requirements and help with the seamless integration of them with your Shopify store to achieve maximum performance and flexibility.

Shopify Custom App Development

You can create higher user engagement compared to the competitors by adding some custom functionalities to your online store. Features like custom pricing, order and customer management, ERP, CRM, social media and digital marketing tools integration, inventory management, wishlist, etc. can be added for the improved performance of your online store and all these specific requirements can be met by developing Shopify custom apps. We can help you build custom applications and plug-ins to incorporate extra functionalities and ensure that all your ideas and concepts will be turned into conversions.

Shopify Private App Development

Shopify private apps are similar to Shopify custom apps that are built to solve online store-based needs. But unlike Shopify custom apps, private apps are not single-store-centric and can also be used by a limited number of merchants. Depending upon your business requirements our team can build you either a private app or custom app to improve Shopify store functionalities, increase sales and ROI.

Shopify Public App Development

The apps that are available in the Shopify app store are Shopify public apps. It is accessible to many Shopify stores and any vendor can choose the right app as per their requirements and purchase them. Our expert developers can craft Shopify public apps if you need to build an application that can be distributed and can be used by anyone.

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