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Benefits of Having a Shopify Mobile App

Starting an eCommerce store is fairly easy with powerful eCommerce platforms such as Shopify. With a mobile app, you can provide the users with a more personalized shopping experience which is essential for customer retention. Also, compared to mobile eCommerce websites you can incorporate features such as push notifications, advanced analytics, personalized user experience, geo-fencing, etc. in a mobile app.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

The mobile apps you build for will be very easy to use with its single-tap catalog access and simple check-out process. This will provide a great user experience and higher customer engagement and will take your brand to new heights.

Easy Synchronization with Shopify Admin

All the activities in the Shopify mobile app can be seamlessly synchronized with the Shopify admin. All details in the app such as customers, products, orders, order status, etc. can be made available on the Shopify admin dashboard.

Native and Hybrid Mobile Apps

As certified Shopify app developers, we can assure you that Shopify mobile apps can be built on both Android and iOS platforms. If your requirements call for a hybrid app, our team of Shopify mobile app development is adept at handling it and providing the best results.

Better Performance

Compared to mobile eCommerce websites, mobile apps offer much better performance and user experience. You can add features such as adding products to the wishlist, sharing products through chat messenger, push notifications, geo-fencing, etc. in a mobile app, and that makes it a necessity for your brand’s growth.

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